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Our mission as a non-profit organization is to bring about a transformative change in maternity care in Australia. Our primary focus is to reduce the incidence of birth-related trauma and promote safe and empowering birthing experiences. We believe that birth is a sacred rite of passage that deserves respect and dignity, and it is our commitment to uphold the sovereignty of birthing women. Our vision is to create a world where birth is recognized and valued as a transformative experience, where the cycles of life are honoured, and the rights of birthing mothers are upheld.


GENTLE BIRTH HOUSES: Our objective is to establish a nationwide network of Gentle Birth Houses that offer a safe, professional, and home-like environment for women to give birth under the care of an endorsed midwife. These facilities will be conveniently located in close proximity to hospitals, ensuring that obstetrical care is readily accessible if needed.

HOME BIRTH & BIRTH CENTRES: Our organization is committed to promoting and advocating for publicly funded birth centres and home birth programs throughout Australia. We believe that everyone deserves access to safe and empowering birthing options.

BIRTH TRAUMA EDUCATION AND SUPPORT: We are dedicated to providing education and resources to pregnant women, their families, and birth workers to reduce the incidence of birth trauma. Additionally, we are working to offer support services to those who have experienced birth trauma both women and their families and birth workers. Our goal is to ensure that every birthing woman is equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to have a safe, empowering, and transformative birthing experience.

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There are countless ways you can help us in our quest to revolutionise maternity care in Australia. You can make a donation (however big or small), join our fundraiser events, or volunteer your time and skills.

Please reach out if you are as passionate as we are about supporting mothers and babies!

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Gentle Birth House Project

With your help, we hope to reclaim birth as a rite of passage, honour birth and heal the earth one gentle birth at a time.

We are committed to creating safe and gentle places for women to birth with endorsed midwives, in a professional and home-like setting. Located nationally, in close proximity to hospitals with access to medical services if required. 

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