Birth Trauma Awareness Summit 2024

Birth Trauma Awareness Week 2024



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Recently, a historic NSW Parliamentary Committee into Birth Trauma handed down its recommendations. The Committee’s findings reveal what we have already known – that there is a systematic disregard for women’s bodies and choices in the health system, leading to preventable birth trauma in our communities.

This year for Birth Trauma Awareness week we are hosting a week-long summit, with daily webinars, recorded conversations, circles and ritual, to bring the community together and focus on healing and solutions for woman, families and birth workers.

Hosted by Hygieia Health:
Our speakers at the live event will include:
Dr Gabor Mate – Author, Physician, Trauma expert
Laura Latina – Midwife, Compassionate Inquiry
Hannah Betty Idarius – Midwife, Compassionate Inquiry
Nisha Gill – Feminine Instincts
Maha Al Musa – EmbodyBirth educator
Stephen Kennedy – Birthings Dads
Hazel Keedle – researcher and speaker 
Our pre-recorded speakers are:
Anna Watts – Celebration of Birth
Melanie Briggs – Waminda birth on country
Kate White – Center for prenatal and perinatal programs
Sharon Luna Settecase – Better Births Illawarra

Session times for the LIVE online events are:

Sunday 21 July, 7pm – 8pm: Opening Circle with Hygieia Health Team

Monday 22nd July, 7am – 8am: Laura Latina and Hannah Betty Idarius, with guest appearance from Gabor Mate

Tuesday 23rd July, 7pm – 8pm: Nisha Gill

Wednesday 24th July, 7pm – 8pm: Maha Al Musa

Thursday 25th July, 7pm – 8pm: Stephen Kennedy

Friday 26th July, 7am – 8am: Hazel Keedle

Sunday 27th July, 7pm – 8pm: Healing Ritual and Closing
Ceremony, with Hygieia Health Team

Recordings will be sent out within a week of the summit, if you are unable to attend live.

Please book here to join us on this summit.  All funds raised go the Hygieia Health’s mission to prevent and heal birth trauma.
We invite you to join the summit and bring your voice and energy to this important issue.