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Welcome to our website, where we are dedicated to providing education and resources to pregnant women, their families, and birth workers to reduce the incidence of birth trauma and its impact on both the mother and the baby. Our goal is to ensure that every birthing woman is equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to have a safe, empowering, and transformative birthing experience.

We understand that birth trauma can have long-lasting effects on both the mother and the baby, which is why we aim to offer a range of support services to those who have experienced birth trauma. Our team of is here to offer support and resources to help them overcome the emotional and psychological effects of birth trauma.

At the heart of our mission is the prevention of birth trauma in Australia. We believe that understanding the impact of how one is born is crucial to reducing the incidence of birth trauma, not only for the mother but also for the baby. We focus on highlighting the causes of birth trauma, the impacts, and how birth workers can help reduce the incidence of birth trauma with this awareness.

Regrettably, research reveals that the treatment of women by birth workers during childbirth results in 70% of birth trauma. The root cause of this issue is often due to factors such as burnout, stress, and overwork. Such stress hinders one’s ability to provide care and support in a compassionate and respectful manner, which can lead to traumatic experiences for both the mother and the baby.

We aim to bring attention to this problem, hold birth workers accountable, and support them by providing better resources and education. We understand that birth workers must take care of themselves to provide optimal care to birthing mothers and babies. That’s why we are committed to assisting birth workers in healing from their own traumas, biases, and unconscious beliefs and behaviors.

We invite you to join us in our mission to reduce birth trauma and create a better future for mothers, babies, families, and birth workers in Australia. Together, we can ensure that every birthing woman and baby has a safe and positive birthing experience.