If you came along to our event, we are so grateful to you for your support and for contributing to the conversation. If you were unable to make it, you can still take the following steps to support our mission to reduce birth related trauma and make changes to the maternity care system in your area.

We have an immediate focus on creating changes in the Northern NSW Local Health District, and then using what we learn and do here and spanning the reach of our program all across Australia. 

To support us with this, we’ve included two parts to our next steps below, one for this district specifically and one for everyone!

Northern NSW Local Health District Specific Next Steps

  1. Provide direct feedback about maternity services in the NNSWLHD by taking part in a survey that has been put together by the District.
  2. Join our dedicated Facebook Group – here is where we will be able to lobby for and create groundswell changes  to the services in this area – including more access to MGP and publicly funded home birth.
  3. Take our survey so we can better understand you and your birth story to help us revolutionise birth in Australia.
  4. Follow the steps below too.

Broader community next steps

  1. Participate in the NSW Upper House Inquiry on Birth Trauma (Submissions close 12th Aug)
  2. Write a letter to your own local MP if you’re out of NSW area and would like an inquiry in your state.
  3. Join our Facebook Group here.
  4. Share your story – help us with collect stories to form a body of qualitative research into birth-related trauma, supporting our case for change.
  5. Submit a review of your care provision on – an initiative by