At Hygieia Health Ltd, we are dedicated to the sacred work of birth and the impact it has on the physical, emotional, and psychological well-being of women, their families, and birth workers. We believe that “Peace on Earth begins at Birth,” as Jeanine Parvarti Baker so poignantly stated. As a non-profit organization with a charitable purpose of promoting the prevention and treatment of birth trauma, we strive to provide birth workers, obstetricians, midwives, and doulas with the knowledge and skills necessary to care for themselves and others, and to return birth to its rightful place as a profound rite of passage.

Our mission is to support women on their journey to childbirth, ensuring that they receive safe and trauma-free birth services and support. We aim to raise awareness of the occurrence and consequences of birth trauma and provide women and birth workers with the tools and support they need to prepare for and experience a safe, positive birth.

To achieve this mission, we aim to establish, maintain, and operate dedicated birth houses throughout Australia. These birth houses will provide a safe and nurturing environment for women and families, and offer ongoing care and support to those experiencing social isolation. We also endeavour to develop and promote education and prevention programs for women, support people, and medical professionals, aimed at preparing mothers for birth and preventing the occurrence of birth trauma. We are working on providing support and counselling services to those affected or at risk of being affected by birth trauma, including women, their families, midwives, doulas, and obstetricians.

We advocate for greater government funding for birth centres and home birth services, and provide financial subsidies to low-income families and Indigenous women who are affected by or at risk of being affected by birth trauma. We also support research into birth trauma and source funding from the private sector, the general public, and other funders to further our mission.

Our vision is to revolutionize maternity care options to support better outcomes for women, babies, and the community. We invest our time, resources, and funds into a range of projects, including lobbying for public-funded home birth and birth centres, providing better education for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, minimizing and preventing birth-related trauma, leading or supporting campaigns for better maternity programs, building birth centres, funding and supporting research, providing support for birth workers, and extending our support to other programs with like-minded focus.

At Hygieia Health, mother and baby are held as the primary focus in all our work and thinking. We are dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of women, their families, and birth workers and to ensuring that every birth is held sacred and is a safe, positive experience. Each project we undertake is driven by this purpose, and we look forward to sharing more about each as we evolve and grow. Join us in our mission to honour birth, birth workers, and reduce and prevent birth trauma. Together, we can heal birth and heal the earth.